The 40th  autumn number of “Awedis” has just appeared. In the opening article Editor in Chief writes :

It is hard to believe, but it has been just ten years from the release of the first issue of Awedis (autumn 2009). Then the cover theme of the issue was the unveiling of Khachkar in Gdansk . (We write about the “equipotent “ of our magazine on page 3) It is worth while taking a look at the website in order to recall what else was going on among  Polish Armenians then. In the pictures one can recognize familiar faces but 10 years younger.  But there was also a mission of connecting Armenians in Poland and reaching them with important information. Is this mission being fulfilled by “Awedis” at present ? This is dependent on your assessment of course. We as the editors can just say only that working with changing staff and with limited resources we were doing our best to include in these 40 issues what we think is the most important  both for the Armenians living currently in Poland and the future generations. After all, we, looking through annuals of “ Messenger of Saint Gregory” (Posłaniec Świętego Grzegorza) may feel those times and better understand those people. Therefore there were reports, announcements, biographies, historical, social and cultural articles, interviews and working ,working for propagating knowledge and information. Thanks are due to everyone , for these colleagues , who cooperated with us for many years and these who were doing that from time to time since everybody made one’s contribution to the creation of our magazine, that was unknown 10 years ago and that is widely appreciated in the definite environments today.  We are grateful to you , of course, our dear readers for reading itself as well as your remarks, sent to us messages and all expressions of appreciation. We also pass our thanks to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration since thanks to Ministry donations “Awedis” is published and is distributed free of charge. We thank for recognizing values of media coverage of national minorities. We hope that this very number we also will remember after next 10 years.

We invite you for reading. The 40th  number of “Awedis” is available in internet too.

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