Okładka Lehahayer nr 7

The 7th issue of the Armenian scientific yearly “Lehahayer”, published by the Center of Armenian Culture Research in Poland, edited by Andrzej A.Zieba. The following articles were published in the issue;

-Armenians in Zamość in the first three decades of the city’s existence (1580-1610)
Author Marcin łukasz Majewski

– Organization of crafts and trade in the Armenian commune in Stanisławów in the 17th and 18th centuries
Author Andrzej Gliński

-“Who plays with what and with what lives”. Armenian professions from Kuty nad Cheremosz compared to other nations at the end of the 18th century
Author Franciszek Wasyl

-The idea of the return of Armenians from dispersion to their national homeland in the light of Robert Bogdanowicz’s memorials of 1877 and 1884
Author Andrzej A.Zięba
-Polish-Armenian Society in Lviv (1920-1922)
Author Jakub Osiecki

-Teaching the Armenian language at the University of Lviv in 1904-1939
Author Tomasz Krzyżowski

-Czech-Armenian relations. A brief historical overview
Author Petra Kosfalova

-Foundation for the Development and Support of Armenological Studies “Aniw”. Overview of activities.
Authors Armen Checzojan and Jewgienij Gurinov

-Protection of the Armenian heritage in the activities of the Foundation of the Heritage and Culture of Polish Armenians
Author Maria Ohanowicz-Tarasiuk

-Wartan R,Grigorian (1929-2019) in Memoriam ,
Author Aram Grigorian

-Wartan Rubenowicz Grigorian (1919-2019). Historian, armenologist, publicist, collector of old Armenian manuscripts; Memories of Wartan Grigorian
Author Andrzej Pisowicz

The publication was published thanks to a grant from the Lanckoroński Foundation and funds allocated to the statutory activity of the Faculty of History of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow.

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