May 11, at noon at 12:00, we opened a new, this time temporary exhibition at the headquarters of the Polish Armenian Culture and Heritage Foundation: “Zachariasz Gregorowicz 1884-1961 – Suitcase of memories”. The pretext for organizing this exhibition were the contents of a suitcase that was in the collection of the Gregorowicz family. It was filled with souvenirs, documents, and photographs of Zachariasz – the great-grandfather of Kasia, who became friends with the Foundation last year and is a member of our team. The exhibition was prepared by Hanna Kopczyńska-Kłos in cooperation with Kasia Gregorowicz, the poster is by Zuzanna Kłos, the boards and leaflet are by Maria Ohanowicz-Tarasiuk. A large group of Foundation supporters came to the opening of the exhibition, including: representatives of many Armenian families. People who came to our headquarters for the first time also had the opportunity to see the permanent exhibition “Treasury of Polish Armenians”.
We invite everyone willing to visit two exhibitions, the next opportunity is Saturday’s Night of Museums.
mot, photos Franciszek Wasyl

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