We met Sister Miriam Isakowicz on January 18, 2024 in Radwanowice at the funeral of Fr. Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski, her nephew. Shortly afterwards, five of us visited her in Laski and promised to meet again – with ArmenianHoly Mass for his soul. And so, on a hot Saturday, April 7, Fr. Józef Naumowicz presided over the Holy Mass. in the “home” chapel of Fr. Władysław Korniłowicz (1884-1946), collaborator of Blessed Mother Czacka, co-founder and spiritual director of the Center for the Blind in Laski. The celebrant mentioned the great value of prayers for Fr. Tadeusz and drew attention to the graces that the deceased can ask God for us, for Polish Armenians and for our ritual.
Sister Miriam told us about her life with humor and eloquence at the Retreat House. When asked how she discovered her vocation to serve the blind, she said: – During the first year of my mathematics studies in Krakow, I belonged to the “choir” led by Fr. Karol Wojtyła, we were joined by blind people who sang beautifully: Genia Pęcak and her brother Janek. At one meeting, Fr. Wojtyła decided: “You will be bringing along Genia to the meetings.”

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