“GOLDEN AGE OF JAGIELLONS” – it is a virtual exhibition prepared on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the birth of King Sigismund II Augustus. It was implemented by the National Institue of Ossolinskis’ in Wroclaw from the collections of the National Institute of Ossolinskis’, the National Museum in Krakow, the Lviv National Library of Ukraine named after W.Stefanyk, Foundation of Culture and Heritage of Polish Armenians and private collections. The curator of the exhibition is dr Dorota Sidorowicz- Mulak , and the descriptions to the armenikas presented at the exhibition were prepared by dr Andrzej A. Zieba.
We invite you to see these unique exhibits, take advantage of educational games and interactive texts and listen to a concert of vocal music from the Jagiellonian era.

The exhibition is available under address; www.zlotaepoka.ossolineum.pl

Armenika from the collections of the Foundation are available in the section Society and Economy ….:armenika (Spoleczenstwo i Gospoda ….:armenika).

Wirtualny Świat Polskich Ormian