Awedis_42(Word from the editor)
Dear Readers.

We did not think that such a moment would ever come, and yet it came. Wherever you look there is only one valid topic – epidemic. The scale and speed of spreading of the virus are unheard of in the 21st century. There is an extremely difficult situation of individuals, enterprises, organizations and lastly countries and the whole world. There are uncertainty of tomorrow and hardships of quarantine. However, we know all this and we must somehow survive this difficult time. You also have to remember about the hard work of people on the front lines – doctors, nurses and rescuers.

We should think whether, in this situation, we cannot help anyone, even at a distance.  In the meantime, however, our editors continue their work hoping that the articles in “AWEDIS” will help at least for a moment to divert attention from what is outside the window and take time when we almost do not go outside. In our magazine as always there are many memories, biographies and a lot of history. There are as well coverage of events and presentation of new publications. We hope, and we believe you certainly do, that the situation will get improved as soon as possible and that life will soon return to normal. to download.

Editorial office

Wirtualny Świat Polskich Ormian