The 48th autumn number of “Awedis” has just appeared – Autumn 2021. In the opening article Editor in Chief writes :

Dear Readers,

On September 27, a year passed from the Azerbaijani attack in Nagorno-Karabakh and the beginning of the 44-day war in which at least 7,000 soldiers and civilians were killed. Thousands of other people had to flee the battlefields to seek refuge in Armenia or abroad. The Azerbaijani side was actively supported by Turkey with equipment as well as military personnel. In June this year, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the occupied areas of Arcakh and the city of Susha. He also signed a new alliance pact with Azerbaijan. Thus, according to some commentators, Azerbaijan entered the road of vassalage by Turkey. Meanwhile, the world seems to have forgotten about this war. An example can be Euro 2020 matches that were played in Baku. Football emotions were supposed to cover the recent aggression and casualties.

But the Armenians in Poland and in the world have not forgotten. This year, despite of the 30th anniversary of Armenia’s independence, the main topic is still war and its consequences. Instead of celebrating, it was laying of wreaths and burning candles. Charity actions aimed at supporting people affected by the war are still being undertaken, such as auctions of paintings (p.14) or excursions for children from Armenia (p.9). Polish Armenians want to commemorate the victims with monuments hence a new khachkar in Bialystok.(p.2)

A kind of consolation was the fact that in the last quarter the number of cases of covid 19 decreased and it was possible to return to a more or less normal rhythm of life.Armenian Days in Gdansk (p. 1) or church celebrations could not take place under lockdown conditions. Therefore, we hope that the next autumn wave of covid 19 cases will not be as serious as last year one and that next year will be considered as free of the pandemic.

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