Klasztor na San LazzaroAccording to Onet news (wiadomości.onet) the Italian archaeologist, candidate for doctor’s degree Vittoria Dall’Armellina when visiting the monastery of Armenian Mekhitarists at the Italian Island of San Lazarro in 2017 has noticed in the collection the sword which, according to her opinion, was much older than its description attached. After detailed research works it appeared that this sword was given to monks 150 years ago by an Armenian collector. It is 5,000 years old and comes from before the bronze age as evidenced by the alloy from which it was made. According to available documents the sword was found near the town of Trabzon at the south-east coast of Black Sea. By the way, it is interesting what extraordinary treasures are still hidden in the magnificent collections of the Armenian Monastery. One may find more details about this sensational discovery; https://wiadomosci.onet.pl/swiat/wlochy-doktorantka-archeologii-odnalazla-miecz-sprzed-pieciu-tysiecy-lat/vxrp86x

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