Like every Saturday, the Treasury of Polish Armenians opened its doors to visitors, but June 15 was a special day because Mr. Tomasz Kuba Kozłowski from the History Meeting House invited two groups of long-time lovers of historical walks to the headquarters of the Polish Armenian Culture and Heritage Foundation – the Warsaw Initiative Kresowa History Meeting House. The main topic of the meeting with history this time were Polish Armenians. The special guest of the meeting at the Armenian Treasury, invited by the Foundation, was the parish priest of the Armenian Northern Parish in Gdańsk, parish priest and guardian of the Sanctuary of the miraculous image of Our Lady of Grace from Stanisławów, Father Cezary Annusewicz. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace from Stanisławów is located in the church of St. Peter and Paul, at the Żabi Kruk ( Frog Kruk) street in Gdańsk. After an extensive introduction by Mr. Kuba Kozłowski, the guests were first shown around the museum exhibition – The Treasury of Polish Armenians. Then in the second room, sitting down, they had the opportunity to listen to the story of Fr. Cezary Annusewicz about the fate of the miraculous painting from Stanisławów and the history of the church at the Frog Kruk. However this was not the end of the attractions, because they also had the opportunity to watch archival short films and photographs from the coronation with papal crowns of this miraculous image, which took place 87 years ago, on May 30, 1937 in Stanisławów. Father C. Annusewicz gave our guests commemorative books and medallions, which, thanks to the efforts of the last parish priest in Stanisławów, the late. priest Kazimierz Filipiak, were saved and after World War II they were brought to the church in Gdańsk. The guests also saw our temporary exhibition “Suitcase of memories – Zachariasz Gregorowicz (1884-1961)”. There was no end to questions about various details. Those interested received maps with a walk along the Armenian trail in the Old and New Town, plans of the Old Powązki Cemetery with Armenian burials marked, and bookmarks with the Armenian alphabet. This Saturday was extremely intense, because the first guests arrived well before… 11:00, and we said goodbye to the last ones at approx. 18:00. I hope that everyone left satisfied and full of impressions, many people promised to pay the visit again with their loved ones.

mot, fot.Monika Agopsowicz; Władysław Deńca

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