ksiazka_T_KrzyzowskiWe are pleased to inform you that on the basis of the decision of the Award Chapter of the “Przegląd Wschodni” (“Eastern Review”) , the award in the ”Dzieła Krajowe”(“National Works”) category for 2020 was granted to the book;
“Lviv Archdiocese of the Armenian Catholic Rite – in years 1902-1938”
Author Tomasz Krzyżowski

We received this great news from the publisher – the Księgarnia Akademicka (Akademicka Bookshop) in Krakow.

A comprehensive publication by Dr. Tomasz Krzyzowski entitled “Lviv Archdiocese of the Armenian Catholic Rite – in years 1902-1938” was presented by Dr Andrzej A.Zięba in the following way ;

The Armenian Catholic Church in Poland under the leadership of Archbishop Jozef Teodorowicz experienced a revival in the first four decades of the 20th century.
Worth emphasizing were the first media in its history (magazines, radio broadcasts), the renaissance of lay organizations of faithful in a modern form, a magnificent cathedral, in which the sacred elements received an extraordinary artistic creation.
There has been a renewal of contacts with the mother community of Armenian Catholics in other countries. Mission plans and the vision of mission in the Polish society and towards Armenia are undeniable achievements that could bring good in various national Armenian, religious, Catholic and ecumenical dimensions.
As we know, this did not happen because of the hecatomb that this Church and its faithful experienced during and after the Second World War.
These achievements were commonly attributed to the Archbishop, a man of great personality and prestige, exceeding confessional boundaries.
And it was undoubtedly a Church renewed by him, but not alone.
The book by Tomasz Krzyzowski supplements our knowledge about the sources and directions of the revival, showing how the structures of this Church, its institutions, priests, the religious order and the faithful operated.
The author has shown great skill in the process of research and analysis of sources. He produced a reliable, data-rich, well-composed monograph.
It is a faithful historiography reconstruction of the construction process linking the mystical with the human, the latter of which was interrupted by an inexhaustible history.

A richly illustrated book of over 700 pages was published by the Krakow Center for Research on Armenian Culture in Poland as the third volume in the Lelehayer Library series.
The publication for printing was prepared by Ksiegarnia Akademicka and co-financed by the Foundation of the Culture and Heritage of Polish Armenians with a grant from the Minister of the Internal Affairs and Administration.
To purchase the book, please contact Ksiegarnia Akademicka ; https://akademicka.com.pl/.

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