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On June 2 last year, a fire broke out in the attic of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul. Fortunately, it did not harm the main part of the Church, but it seriously damaged the eastern roof truss. The church, one of the oldest in Gdansk, needed immediate renovation. The authorities of Gdańsk and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage came with help. Currently, the renovation is coming to an end.
According to TVP Gdansk in the program on 26/9, Jaroslaw Sellin, Deputy Minister of Culture and National Heritage, visited the Church. By the way, he was here together with Minister Piotr Glinski right after this unfortunate event. The parish parson, priest Cezary Annusewicz, once again made a huge effort to rebuild the Church of Saints Peter and Paul

The title of the material that appeared on the TVP3 Gdansk website is;
“Church of Saint Peter and Paul recovers its splendor after the fire”.

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