At the Royal Castle in Warsaw, on November 28, 2019, the opening ceremony of the 28th Historical Book Fair and the awarding of KLIO awards took place.
The KLIO Historical Award has been awarded since 1995 to book authors and publishers for their particular contribution to the promotion of history. Not only the cognitive value of books is assessed, but also their graphic design. The publications are awarded for publishing interesting series and thematic cycles. This year’s ceremony began with a reading of a letter from the President of Poland Andrzej Duda, who took this year’s trade fair under the national patronage of the centenary of regaining independence. Then came the chairman of the Agreement of Historical Book Publishers Zbigniew Czerwiński and the official opening of the Fair was made by the director of the Royal Castle Wojciech Fałkowski. Professor Tomasz Szarota, chairman of the jury of the KLIO Award, pointed out that good, very well prepared books were awarded, and in the case of the editorial category – beautifully published. He assessed that books awarded in the editorial category were at the highest world level. And here I have to inform readers that Armenian Poland published by the Foundation for the Culture and Heritage of Polish Armenians was among the items awarded with this award. The authors of the position, professors Krzysztof Stopka and Andrzej Zięba, as well as the wonderful graphic design by Monika Zołoteńka were appreciated. This wonderful distinction is another one, after the award received in 2013 by “Armenian Warsaw”. More detailed information on the website of the Museum of Polish History and the Polish Press Agency: Klio Award 2019

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