After many years the Polish Academy of Sciences with the consent of state authorities
called into existence the Research Center on Armenian Culture in Poland.

On 21st of September 2019 took place in Cracow unusually momentous ceremony especially for Polish Armenians community. Then the inauguration of activities of this scientific institution was held.
For this inaugural meeting the guests from Poland and abroad were invited. These were scientists interested in the subject themes. The meeting took place in the University Museum Collegium Maius. The welcoming speeches were given by the hosts of the event Prof.dr Andrzej Stopka and the President of the Academy of Sciences Prof.dr Jan Ostrowski.
Dr Andrzej Zieba delivered the lecture under the title “The culture of Polish Armenians as the subject of research”. Afterwards he also presented the program and staff of the center. In the discussion that followed took part the scientists , representatives of academic centers from Poland and abroad. There was also appointed the scientific council and the President of the Academy of Science gave in nominations to those who were called.
After break the audience had opportunity to listen to the extremely interesting lecture of the guest from the congregation of Mechitarists Father Wardapet Wahan Ohanian. Its title was “ Father Gewond Aliszan – poet and historian of bright Armenia”. The lecture was dedicated to the person of an outstanding and broadly educated scientist and poet who devoted whole his life mainly to Armenological research.
Later during the meeting we went to the senate room in order to listen to the historians mr Jakub Osiecki and mrs Jolanta Slawinska. They presented the description and history of XIX century Armenian velum from Musz being exposed there. After many complicated circumstances this velum is in the collections of the Museum of Jagiellonian University at present.
The final element of this inaugural meeting was the commemorative photo taken at the courtyard of Collegium Maius.

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